[Unveiled] Grandaddy Excuse of All Time ...

Ok, the veil has been uncovered and the word is out ...
The Granddaddy excuse of all time is, "I'd love to, really, I really would ... I JUST DO NOT HAVE ANY TIME!!!"

As in:
"I'd like to attend an Islamic class this weekend, but I've just got so many things to do."
"I'd like to buckle down and get proactive in getting married, but I'm just so busy with school."
"I have big da'wah dreams, but I'm just so busy with everyday life."
"I'd like to spend more time with my kids, but I just don't know where the time goes."

Here's how we are going to do it, in sha Allah:
>> Starting this Wednesday, and throughout the month, I'm going to be focusing on this topic of time in my emails, blog posts, webinars, etc.

>> I'm preparing a 7 part blog series, complete with graphics, to give you the most important of important time tactics

>> I'm going to prepare a power webinar on the topic

>> And for those who want to rev it to the next level, this will correspond to the first-time-ever release of the complete DiscoverU seminar entitled "Live Your Dreams", which I've renamed (with the help of Siraaj, hafidhahullah) "Time Traveller" <-- that's British spelling.

Are ya lovin' it? Here's the blog address where this is all going down:

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Anonymous said...

I'm sooo excited, I can't wait to get started insha'allah... May Allaah grant us the tawfeeq to be masters of our time ameen... Jazaakullahu khayran ya Sheikh..You are an asset to the ummah of Muhammed sallallahu 'alayhi wasalaam.. May Allaah bless you and all your loved ones Jannatul Firdous ameen..

Amal - Canada/Romania said...

Assalaamu Alaykum Sheikh,

I'm really looking forward to this! Jazak Allahu Khayr for all your efforts.

Muhammad Alshareef said...

Jazakum Allahu khayr.
Post your "I'm so hyped I could pull my hair out, not" comments at the main blog for this:

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Anonymous said...

As-salaamu Alaykum Sheikh
Jazakumallah khaiyan dear sheikh I can’t wait for that, may the Lord of the world give you tawfeeq and complete health. My dua’a is always with you to be successful in this world and hereafter. May the Lord of the world grant you Jannatul Firdous

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