Eradicate your TIME excuses

I've dedicated the upcoming month to the topic of...
TIME management!

View today's super cool TIME [pic] that I drew myself:
(I drew it myself, master arteest that I am. Say Ma sha Allah.)

Here's what I'm going to give you this month, in sha Allah:
1. SEVEN Time Management Lessons
  >> complete with my own drawings. I'll send you an email when I've released each one on my blog:

2. Power-Webinar.
  >> Confirm your attendance at:

And for the first time ever, you'll have the opportunity to get the entire seminar videos of
"Time Traveller".
"Time Traveller" is one of my DiscoverU seminars that was professionally video recorded and is now being released for the very first time.

All you need to know is ONE THING: will be your home and link to everything else!

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!
- Muhammad Alshareef

PS: Your journey all starts by you clicking on the link below and viewing the coolest TIME [pic] that'cha eva did see...Ma sha Allah!


Anonymous said...

Nadia from Scotland: Salaam Shaykh, JazakALlah khair for time and efforts towards this amazing project. I've rsvp my details on the timetraveller blog and inshALlah looking forward to learning from ur tips and advice. my time managemnt has been getting me really down lately!was praying more than ever before asking Allah to help me sort out my time management/organisational skills. Subhanillah i received ur email about the whole timetraveller blog and webinar, and couldn't believe my eyes! Allahu Akbar, this could not have come at a better time subhanillah! May Allah reward u abundantly with a long fruitful and prosperous life ameen.

Flying Squirrel said...

Can't wait for your next webinar on self-esteem insha Allah. The other day I was telling a family member that sometimes I am embarrassed of winning (i.e. in competitions) to which they responded, "What would Muhammad Alshareef say if he heard that?" :P and after a few moments, "Is that how Allah wants his slaves to be like!?"

I will be buying your time traveller series insha Allah.

Anonymous said...

Nayeem from Riyadh: Salaam everybody,

Excellent work. May Allah protect you.

I have really learnt many lessons from this. There is a very good book written in urdu by Dr Israr, also translated in English " The Way to Salvation, in the light of Surah Al-Asr". I recommend everybody to read it for more understanding of time in Islam.

As Hasan Basri (rah) says: Do not sit idle, indeed death is seeking you.

Time is actually the only asset we possess, let us work hard and do not make it a liability.

Fei Riyat Allah

Anonymous said...

Nayeem from Riyadh - KSA:

Excellent piece of work.

Much may be done in those little shreds and patches of time which every day produces, and which most men throw away.

May Allah protect Sh. Al-Shareef.

Fei Riyat Allah

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