The sandals at the door dilemna?

Ok, every human who has ever entered a Masjid on Jumu'ah has experienced this.

The whole crowd rushes to the door. Or rather ... the sandal rack.
The first guy steps to the exit and ... DROPS his sandals on the concrete outside.
Then he stops, fumbles with his feet ... while TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE are waiting to leave the Masjid.


With a problem so common, you'd think all our Muslim engineers would have solved it by now?
C'mon you engineerians. Solve this dilemna for us.
How can we flow people out of the Masjid without creating a bottleneck??


Anonymous said...


Simple. Slip your shoes on (even if not properly) and *move out of the way* to put them on properly.
Also alternatively give more people space inside the masjid to put their shoes on.
Also (dependent on whether this is realistic) a semi-circular mat would allow people to go to the edge of the mat to put their shoes on rather than everyone standing in a doorway to put their shoes on.
Certain (very large) masajid, and the Haram in Makkah give peole plastic bags so that they do not have to go to the shoe rack and they han g onto their shoes instead.
Its is more of a behavioural issue; after all the saudis solved it at the jamarat (pretty much) by looking at flow patterns to make it safe.


Zaffer Khan said...

As salaamu alaikum

Why not have the complete shoe rack outside of the masjid, on both sides of the masjid entrance doors. Racks can be built inside the walls next to the doors. This way people can enter or come out easily and they have ample space to take off or wear their shoes/sandals

We have similar setup at Masjid al Kabir, Kuwait. Inshallah will send you pictures.

Jazak Allahu Khairan
Zaffer Khan

Fid said...

Brother, the same bottleneck we experienced when the first guy filled up his glass or drinking bottle(s) from the zamzam taps in masjidil haram and he refused to step out with huge crowds stood behind him waiting for their turns.

Slave of God said...

I suggest not wearing shoes at all. Socks will do. And if the men decide they want to take off their socks, then we will make a sock rack away from the entrance. Or have a new masjid policy (Our masjid makes up new ones everyday, sometimes they contradict each other!): Only slippers to be worn on premises! Let's look in the sunnah: What did the prophet (S) do?

Anonymous said...

how about never taking the shoes off in the first place?

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