Divorce: Is missing Salah in the Masjid to blame?

Ok, I have a hypothesis. It goes like this ...

Most men nowadays are a bunch of girls. (We all heartily agree, yup).
[It's funny how I was single handedly able to insult both genders with that one sentence. *smile*]

So, agreed men nowadays are a bunch of girls sitting at home not praying in the Masjid. (True, look at most Masjids, only a trickle of people are consistent)

So ... with the men (not praying in Masjid) always in the face of the woman, she starts to get annoyed with him, like, "Do you think you could give me a little space, eh?"
And he's got cabin fever from praying in his closet for so long, he's like, "Dudette, I need a break from you."
She's like, "Why do you always leave the home and not want to be with me?"
He's like, "You just said to give you a little space?"
What? ARGH!!!

(And so it goes).

What if ....

He goes out to Masjid.
She's like, "Are you going again? Stay home I miss you when your gone."
He's like: "Me too. But I'll be home soon honey with a mist of Eman on my face."
See ya. See ya.
Eternal Marriage bliss.

This is my hypothesis.
What do you think?


I'm just ME! said...

LOL I remember you mentioned this at the Shepherds path in London and its soo true, but I'm sorry to say not only have the men become girls but also lazy too, cos alot of the time the reason why men don't go to the masjid is cos they'd have to travel like 30-45 mins to get there, but definitely I can see how missing salah in the masjid can become a factor to the high rise in divorce...

poshnmodest said...

Well, I think the men are wimps if they don't want to get the reward of going to the masjid. I encourage my husband to go and fulfill this. It is also a break from him which is good! I reiterate the quote by Khalil Gibran: 'Let there be spaces in your togetherness :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! Only Allah knows how much I needed to hear that article! ..walhamdulillah.

In my opinion, if an experiment was to take place, your hypothesis would for sure support the results.
(..Just one thing, who really says 'dudette' anymore? Especially to their wife!)

Anonymous said...

Subhanallah! :) im sending this to my husband insha'Allah :D Jazakallah khair!

Anonymous said...

this is a typical muhammad alshareef hypothesis. lol.

Anonymous said...

omg, this is so comel :D jzkk!

Anonymous said...

you kill me!

This is funny..yet true in a way

Slave of God said...

LOL! This is so comic, yet true. I must say: you could have done without insulting any of the genders! Well, we all make mistakes, don't we?

Fid said...

:-) I cant help but smile... it s the bitter truth. Allah knows best.

Anonymous said...

subhanAllah so true JazakAllah khair for sharing that with us!!!...may Allah subhanTa'la bless Shaykh Muhammad with the best in this life & hereAfter, Ameen!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree!

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