A beautiful saying to brighten your day...

One of our Muslim anscestors said:
"How sweet Eman is when it's beautified with Knowledge.
And how sweet Knowledge is when it's beautified with Implementation.
And how sweet Implementation is when it's beautified with Kindness.

The greatest pair of things is Implementation coupled with Kindness."

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Anonymous said...

A very nice saying bro. May Allah ta'aala reward you both for transmitting it. I think it is all to do with akhlaq (good manners). If we attach good manners to our activities our whole life becomes beautiful. We feel happy and the others feel happy too. Maybe that is why we feel happy.

Keep this kind of thing up bro, its very beneficial.

Barak Allahu feek.



Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Ustaz!

Siti Teeya here from Singapore.

Jazakallah khair for sharing. I've shared this on Facebook, insyaAllah it will benefit more people.

True enough, applied knowledge (implementation) coupled with kindness is awesome.

May Allah shower us with His Love and Mercy always. :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alakum
could i please have the full reference for this. who said it exactly and in which book it can be found. also it would be nice to have it in arbaic as well.
thanks you, and sorry for the touble.

tasneem said...

asalamalakum.dear was send me such mail.cause i dont know arabic.jhazakala khair.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful saying, I have shared this in the facebook so that others can benefit. The important thing in this is the ikhlaq, the kindness, that is why Allah taala says he'll forgive his sins but not the sins with his creation that is with the other human beings. I hope and pray that we muslims become good in ikhlaq and have respect for others, learn to forgive and forget and be kind with every one,Amen

Anonymous said...

JazaakAllah Khair brother!

Anonymous said...

Nazia... U.A.E

Assalam u alaikum

EMAN is definately incomplete without KNOWLEDGE..and KNOWLEDGE is incomplete without IMPLIMENTATION and IMPLIMENTATION is incomplete without KINDNESS.. it's a chain connecting each unit to another..

May Allah always bleesed us with HIS blessing and HIS mercy..

Jazakumullah khairan for all ur Knowledge YOU share with US..

Anonymous said...

Assalamoalikum, Plz brothers and sisters am not scholar but i do know 100% to learn arabic is obligatory no matter what we will not escape from this as allah t`allah send us the beautiful language for whole humanity but we never learn them and will be impossible to comunicate with allah, if a girl or boy send you a love letter or important message you would try your best to know what is written but when to allah message we dont take time and try to understand what allah saying as we all know without a manual book we can do diy so here is the manual for human al-Quran please learn it as soon as possible may allah t`allah make it easy for us ameen
From shariff London ..origin Mauritius

Anonymous said...

Asslamu alikum

Jazakum Allah khair for the nice true words,may Allah increase you knowledge and wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum!

You truly have an eye for picking out amazing stories/pieces of knowledge. Once again that was truly inspiring. JazakAllah khair!

Aneela, Australia.

Anonymous said...


And, see the imlpementation of Umar, may Allah be pleased with him:

BarakAllah fiikum Shaykh

Anonymous said...

jazakallah kiran brother ..This beautiful quote made my day..May Allah grant us Janan...

Zainab said...

Wa 'alaykum us -Salaam.

Brother, I am really sorry trouble you but can I have this in Arabic with the reference (book and who said it). It's a beautiful quote and i would like to pass it to someone.

Jazakallah Khayr

From the UK said...

My Dearest brother Muhammad Alshareef,jazaka Allah khaire.for translating and sharing it with us .
How sweet this poem is when it's beautified with sharing it with us .

Anonymous said...

amina from USA

jazakAllahKhair .
Beautiful words with good intention.

Narida said...

Jazak Allahu Khiran to both Brother Muhammad Al Shareef for translating/sharing and to our ancestor that said it. Indeed full of wisdom and advise to follow and live by. SubhanAllah! this saying came at a time when there is some blissful ignorance happening around me. May Allah guide us to what is good and wholesome and keep us away from what is bad and evil. ameen

Anonymous said...

Jazakallahu Karairan Kasira

Anonymous said...

JazakAllahu khairan sheikh for the translation; I guess it would be more enjoyable to read it in arabic as well. Please share the arabic text as well.

Anonymous said...

Jazaak Allah Khair for this. This is very nice. It is short but it gives me a lot to reflect on.

ameenamum said...

ASSALAM U ALAIKUM, Dear Alshareef, you have rightly said>Implemantation with Kindness leads to ultimate success not only in this world but world hereafter also. May ALLAH JALLE SHANAHU give every Muslim true understanding of ISLAM>AAMEEN>

Cosmic Cook said...

SubanaAllah, jazakumullah for sharing.

Cosmic Cook

Anonymous said...

As-Salamu Alaykum. Shukran Akhi for the beautiful cuplet.all that you spoke of is very true Eman is sweetened,strengthened, and enriched with knowledge.However the true manifestation of Eman is amal and amal with humility and wisdom does reach the hearts of mankind. Jazakallahu khairan. wa salam.

Hamayoon said...

Asslamo Alaikum Warehmatullahi Wabrakatohu Dear Ashreef!
A vary true saying for sharing, Implementation "AMAL" wiyh Kindness "Akhlaq" leads to "Mukammal Emaan" means humanity. Our Religion teaches us the "Khair-e Kul" spirit. Allah Subhanahu Ta'alaa give every Muslim "SIRAAT-E-Musqeem" and true understanding of Islam.Aameen.
Jazakumullah for the efforts..

Anonymous said...

Assalam Alaykam.. Beautiful and wise words.. Jazak Allah Khair.. May Allah swt reward you for your efforts..
I too would like to know who wrote the words.



Anonymous said...


ITS MISHI frm pakistan

JazakALLAH hu khair

Anonymous said...


JazakAllah khair.

I am learning Arabic, so it would be nice to see the arabic text also.

Anonymous said...

mashallah its look like today is the day of kindness. I was listening to a shaikh and he mentioned that one of the quality of the muttaqeen is they are "aafeena ann naas" that they forgive people out of love of Allah SWT
Inshallah i will do this with intention now.
sabeen usa

Anonymous said...

Abu Aiyuub AlAnssariy related from Prophet sallallahu alaihi wassalam that Prophet said, "First, if you perform a prayer, perform it neatly as if it was your last prayer. Second, do no utter a word for which you will have to apologize later on. Third, rid yourself of the hope of having whatever is enjoyed by other people."

Kamel said...

Al salamu Aleikum

Can you please provide the saying in Arabic?
Jazaka Allah Khair.

Anonymous said...

As salaamu alaykum.

This poem what so simple, yet so precise in its message.
Its a good reminder, that the best implementation are those that are deriving from knowledge. If our actions aren't living up to that's which is required from us By Allah SWT. If we have no knowledge, then our actions will be equal to those with no value.

And if we with sincerity do something, for the sake of Allah SWT, the kindness will InshaAllah follow and complete our knowledge.

BarakAllah fiikum Sheikh, the poem truely made me think about my actions and how I interact with people.

Benya said...

Thanks for passing the knowledge from our esteem and brilliant scholar of the past.
Shaikh you, and your colleagues of the present are our hope of the future.
May Allah keep you safe with Eman and Ikhlaaq.

Anonymous said...

This is most beautiful for those who wish to learn and learn from true desire share positive in learning and in actions with others. Please continue sharing your positive for I desire to learn. May Allah(SWT) reward you in so much positive sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sissy (US) <<< (reposting with requested info)
This is most beautiful for those who wish to learn and learn from true desire share positive in learning and in actions with others. Please continue sharing your positive for I desire to learn. May Allah(SWT) reward you in so much positive sharing.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a response to this?

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May Allaah Reward you...

Anonymous said...

jazakAllah kherrn katheera brother for sharing it


Nafsia,New York said...

Jazakallahu Khair brother make dua that whatever
we earn we can implement in our life and share with others with kindness like you.Ameen,May Allah(SWT)reward you in this Duniya and hereafter
Ameen. Barak Allah Fikum

Anonymous said...

salamoalaikum wrw
my name is sadaf, im from canada.
truely, i am experienceing this these days as im trying to teach some manners to my 1 n half year old these days. she listens to me if im kind to her, but if someone is harsh on her she responce the same way.......
i was just wondering can we have a little discussion on ways to child training and education as its kind of challenging too.
pray for us...
wassalamolaokim wrw

FR said...

Thank you so much, young brother,for a continuous supply of wise thoughts and inspirational words. May Allah reward you plenty.Ameen.

Anonymous said...

Jazakallahu khair for sharing. very beautiful.

Afsana. UK

Anonymous said...

Maasha Allah, it is so useful to be nindful of this wisdom. May allah reward you for your effort and generosity.

greg said...

jazak allahkhair brother for the beautiful quote.
As I know very little arabic, reading this just gives me one more reason to want to learn more, Insha'Allah.

ifraj said...

Ifraj, U.S.A
That was very kind and generous of you to post that, how thoughtful. It makes me realize how truely a beautiful Din we have. This knowledge of kind wisdom of saying can go a very long way. So early in the morning for many of you to read it has made my day and insha Allah many more.

Anonymous said...

Mashallah, I love this quote. Jazakalllah khair ya Ustadh.

Sajida Abdul-Quddus, Fl

Anonymous said...

hiina uk

Tabassum said...

As salamu alaykum

Thank u for the beautiful is very relevant to my life at present

may Allah reward you inshaAllah

ihsanophilic said...

Jazakallahukhayr ya ustadh, this is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Asslam U Alaikum

Thank you for ur post.
May Allah bless you
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Umm Qasima

Wa alaikum as Salaam wa RahmatAllah. What a beautiful saying. "Implementation coupled with Kindness.." - this entire saying could be the definition of Hikmah...presented with eloquency.
very uplifting, Jazak Allah Khair.

Anonymous said...

May ALLAH bless you
seda Australia

karemata said...

is really a beautiful saying. I think you are doing a wonderful job always trying to remind muslims about the wonderful deeds of Allah and for us who Arabic is not our first language it is really nice to get these translation. Stay bless and keep up the wonderful work

Anonymous said...

Sukrun Zajakallah
Many thank to share these words. I am working in the hospital with cancer patients. Inshallah I will share them with others. May we implement them in our daily lives.
Rashida-- Jeddah

Nashu said...

Nasreen Khan, CANADA

Salaamu Alaikum Shaykh, This is soooo true and sooooo beautiful! Jazaakallah Khair for sharing it. May Allah SWT shower His Blessings on you for sending these valuable reminders. Ameen.

waleedah said...

Waleedah, Thailand


how beutiful and sweet is it! it should be kept in our mind and applied it out..

TQ for sharing and keep it up!

Anonymous said...

salamo 3alaykum ostaz ,,,mashaallah its good words u have saying,,may allah increase your knowledge and imman and surround u and all the ummah by the light,ameen

ahmad Egypt

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Jazakhallah Khairan for sharing your knowledge with us. Every email received from you is an eye openner and a food for thought which helps us to increase our Eman and be a better person day by day.

THis quote will be posted at our centre bulletin board INsha ALlah. It will be greatly appreciated if you could send the reference and the Arabic version of this quote.

Jazakum ALlah Khairan for your valuable time.


aisyah rantisi said...


nadia said...

Salâmu 3alaykum.
Jazakumullâhu khayran.
I would also love to have the reference and the quote in arabic in shâ' Allâh !
From France -

zaliha harun said...

SUBHANALLAH really beautiful to be khalifah in this world,kindness to be slave of ALLAH really guide us to the permanent world of jannah.Syukran Al Sareef.

Anonymous said...

Jazakallah Khair Brother Muhammad! May Allah(SWT) bless you and all of the brothers and sisters at Al-Maghrib for the beautiful things you'll are doing and the wisdom you'll share. [:

Anonymous said...

tamseela 4rm pakistan
assalam o alikum
a beautiful saying, in the first it make me smile, n then it compled me to find these things in myself.and then i commeted that inshallah i will include good deeds in my life.

jazakaalh khair for such a beautiful n important reminder that can brigtens my life.

Anonymous said...

jazaak allah kul khair ... wel 7amduallah 3ala kul shay

Anonymous said...

as salamu alaikum,
i have lisened to some of your khutbas from, but i wish i could download all the lectures and khutbas that you give at Al-Maghrib institute also. I am a muslim from India, so it will be really kind of you if you could guide me to be able to access them.
Jazak allahu Khairun

Anonymous said...

Aslam U Alaikum
Thank you so much for sharing this beatiful qoute with us
Jazakum Allah Khair

Humayun said...

Humayun, USA.
Salam Alaikum,
Masha Allah very beautiful saying. I loved it. Hope and pray to Allah to give us the courage and time to follow this in our daily life. Ameen.
thanks. Salam Alaikum.

amina said...

mashaallah that was beautiful especially for the begiining of the day
it really lifted my mood
wassalaam my bros and sistaz

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum brother,
Jazakallahu khairan. I am mom to 4 kids,Mashallah.....and this is one thing i have to remind myself all the time and am praying hard for that. Allah tala created us beautiful...i pray He bless us with good manner too....

Humera said...

Humera, USA

SubhanAllah :)

Anonymous said...

Thank your brother for translating the Arabic wrolds into English translating. I would have loved to learn Arabic the language of the Qruan, but because of time and excusis I have not tryed and it's not coming easy to be. But I am hoping to learn it and enough to understand the holy Quran.

Anonymous said...

Jazakum Allah Khair brother. I love your e-mails they are full of emoction and kindiness. I appreciate your kindness for translating Arabic into English for easy understanding. May Allah (SWA) bless you and guide us all on the straight path.
Thanks Again.
Khatima (U.S.A)

shayan said...


Eman let's say Knowledge without an Implementation is like a key without any lock.. As soon as we get the lock and fix the key,we are able to explore the new worlds.., and that new world is actually the Halaawt n the Sweetness of Eman which simply has no substitute..
4rm pakistan

Anonymous said...

jazaakAllah khair for sharing this with us....


Anonymous said...

Barak Allahu fik for the beautiful reminder

Anonymous said...

Assalamu aleikum
Subhan Allah it feels like this has been written to describe my deceased husband rahmatou allah alaih. He was the exact illustration of the beautiful marriage of knowledge and implementation while he was the kindest person ever. In 7 years that I have been married to him I have never seen him miss fajr in the masjid, whether he was sick, there was a storme or I was in the hospital.

When he died (and what a beautiful death and janazah he had) our imam said about him that it is sufficient for a man to have 4 of his neighbors witness that he was a good man to enter jannah and that in his case there was an entire masjid. Subhan Allah in a community of 5000 families and in a masjid where he prayed 5 times a day, there was not a single person who had anything bad to say about him

I thank Allah that I has he chance and the honor to be his wife, even if it was for a very short period of time

Mariam, USA

Anonymous said...

i really like the way u spread islam among people may ALLAH(SUBHANAHUWATA-ALA)guide you & help u &all of us to spread THE WORDS OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH .....(AMEEN)

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