Something exciting this way's a comin'...

I got this question the other day: "So what's keeping you busy? I'm sure something exciting is planned soon in the life of Muhammad Alshareef"

In Jan 2010, I'm going to tackle another topic that is the no.1 granddaddy excuse of all time!

Can you guess what it is?

I know peoplz love to guess at things. I feel bad telling you and messing up the fun - so I'll let you guess instead.

What's coming soon:
- A NEVER-DONE-BEFORE-THIS-IS-THE-FIRST-TIME release of full length DiscoverU seminar in online video.
- A massive 7 part email course on this granddaddy of topics, starting next week Wed Dec 30, in sha Allah.
- An international webinar ... let's knock it out.

2010, the year we eradicated the excuse of ... (Y'know you wanna guess, what is it?)


Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaykum,
Is the topic about Family? Divorce? Marriage?

UCM United States :) said...

i sayy.....something to with what is reffered to as "Muslim Standard Time" said...

i,m umiha (zaliha harun) from malaysia.hoping guiding to jannah in any of your islamic info.syukran bikhair

Anonymous said...

i think ( you can do it do not make excuse ) since most of us make excuse for haveing no time to do something. any topic from you sheikh would be beneficial for all of us

Anonymous said...

yes i got it right its about To be on time

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