So what are you going to do?

When I was young, EVERYONE on our street had christmas lights on their house. EVERY house ... except our house.

Talk about intense pressure for a kid.

Once school dismissed for the "christmas" break, I would just sit at home and wait it out. That is, until a bunch of older youth in our Winnipeg community organized a 7-day at-the-Masjid sleepover camp that was totally FAB-U-LOUS!

I loved those Masjid sleepovers so much, and in upcoming years I would make sure to keep myself busy during the holiday season with one fun Muslim activity or the other.

Many youth and young couples around the globe could use some creativity and guidance in this regard soooooo...

My question for you is:
What are fun halal and super-enjoyable activities one can do during this winter break?
What are you planning to do?
How do you intend to spend your time?


Dreamlife said...

Dreamlife (South Africa). It's summer here, and we're going to visit family in another city for a few days, insha-Allah.

But this is an interesting topic - but one which I'd like broader advice on - that of how we entertain ourselves - have 'fun' - in a halaal manner.

Specifically, my wife and i have a relatively new baby - so we can't really go out much. Indoors, what kind of alternatives do you recommend as a counter to TV and movies etc?

Muminah said...

Well...because im in my last year of school (alhamdulilah) i do, wat i would want to do when i would probably have to be studying.


yeah its sad lol...but theres nothing i really like watching on makes me feel like im connected with the world lol

i also like to planning to try to make bariyani and koshary inshallah :D

Anonymous said...

Assalam Alaykum,

I hate Christmas breaks, find Christmas to nr the most depressing time of the year for me. I always do the same things read a lot of books, watch some TV, and of course, pray to Allah that school starts.

I really wish Masjids would do the camp thing for younger kids to keep them busy.

Anonymous said...

That question have always come into my mind be it summer breaks,winter breaks or any other breaks in between.. With technology thats ever catching up on the human race or vice versa its very hard not to go by without them even for a single day... maybe those breaks are meant for us to take a break from the gizmos of technology and go back to the serinity of nature... if you have not tried this.. its worth a try... No mobiles(except for emergency),no internet connections,no televisions... let your mind work its wonders as the mind itself is much more complex then any technology... i can tell you the outcomes but it won't be any fun... hehe no harm trying.. :D salams

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