Are you open minded?

This statement has been ringing in my ear, tell me what it means to you. And apply it to yourself, where does it ring true:

"How can you learn something new, when your mind is not willing to listen?"


Zaffer Khan said...

As salaamu alaykum

Hmmm... There are these skills taught by Edward de Bono.. Very famous in corporate world....
1. 6 Thinking Hats
2. Parallel Thinking
3. Lateral Thinking

Thought you'd be interested to know....

Jazak Allahu Khairan

Zaffer Khan said...

"How can you learn something new, when your mind is not willing to listen?"

It happens with me sometimes.... Being in IT, at times you are forced to learn about topics either you'd not be able to understand or you probably aren't in the mood to read through it.

Sometimes, by just taking a small break and re-approaching the subject does the trick... And sometimes.. I keep reading it 3-4 times or even more to break the ice (often diagrammatically representing the text where ever possible)


Aziza Khanam said...

i think the main issue is, if you want to learn you will be learnt, for example i love learning about islam and subjects like biology, and when hearing on these subjects and going to lectures i write as much things as possible trying not to miss anything and try to remember as much as possible, because i enjoy it, its like a radar. i pay attension cos i want to know more.

What works for me is, when i dont want to learn somthing that is boring i try to relate to what i like and make it interesting for myself, and learn to love the subject. And i tell myself i want to be learnt and the most learnt. if that makes sense.

Aziza Khanam said...

you got to learn to love it

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